Ceilidh dances or Barn Dances are ideal ways of getting people to know each other. Therefore Ceilidh Dances are entertainment for any social occasion, weddings, corporate events, wakes, fundraisers or just to have a good time party. Ceilidhs feature a band and a caller. Ceilidh callers instruct the dancers with clear and simple instructions making the dances suitable for both beginners and 'experts'. Ceilidh Dances are often combined with discos to satisfy everyone. 

Geordie Folk Songs are stories in themselves and need to be kept alive. Many Geordie Songs have rousing choruses and encourage the audience to join in. Geordie Folk Songs are also ideal vehicles for reminiscence work, especially within the field of Dementia and Alzheimer's  disease, where they can stir long lost memories.

Geordie and Northumbrian  folk songs are sung all over the world by ex pats. In fact there is a saying, 'Wherever you go, you're sure to find a Geordie'

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