Beeswing is a four piece harmony folk group whose extensive repertoire includes Geordiesongs, songs from our mining heritage, sea songs, songs to  sing along with, as well as songs from Lancashire and Scotland.  Beeswing has been together for over 15 years but their individual experiences and talents are far in  excess of this. Beeswing is Dave, Christine, Fraser, and Keith. We can perform at any type of function and come complete with our own PA as well as public liability insurance, if required. Every January, Beeswing is privileged to present   the  annual concert in memory of the Hartley Pit Disaster . Beeswing has appeared all over the North from the Sage to more intimate venues festivals, open air concerts, Seaton Delaval Hall, Cherryburn museum, the Newcastle Keep, Segedunum Roman Fort, Woodhorn Colliery museum, High House Farm Brewery, Newcastle Mining Institute and many more venues.

With Beeswing, you are guaranteed an interesting and enjoyable experience.. 

Dave will advise on availability and price for your function. Beeswing can offer themed nights, be it Burns, songs of the sea, Tyneside songs and more. Just ask.

Beeswing recorded a CD  in aid of St Paul's Church in Dudley. Copies can be bought for £7 and all proceeds will go to the church refurbishment programme. 

Forthcoming Events

April 30th Northumberland Park bandstand from 1300

May 19th to 21st Clennell Hall festival

June 17th Singing in the Old Kitchen at Seaton Delaval Hall

June 18th singing in the paddock at Seaton Delaval Hall

June 25th Bee Festival at Cherryburn 

August 27th singing at Northumberland Park in the bandstand from 13.00

September 3rd Cherryburn, Folk in the Farmyard from 1300

September 4th Tour of Britain in Seaton Delaval

September 7th Ellington Ladies

September 8th Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade fundraiser.

September 9th singing at Northumberland Park in the bandstand from 13.00

September 9th Blyth Battery

October 20th Cullercoats Methodist Church concert

November 11th Russian Revolution memorial concert

December 13th Doxford Methodist churc carols

December 18th St Mary's carols

January 13th 15th Hartley Memorial concert

January 16th Ellington Derby and Joan club

February 2nd St John's Church

February 15th Woodhorn, songs of the sea

April 7th Morpeth Gathering

April 12th Azure Garden with Backworth MVC

April 29th Northumberland Park

May 5th May Day event

June 17th Delaval Hall

September 2nd Ale Train, Stephenson Museum

September 8th and 9th Blyth Battery

September 15th Whitburn

September 30th Northumberland Park

November 10th Ridley Park fundraiseer

December 7th Beer and Carols New Hartley

December 13th Beer and Carols Dinnington

January 19th Hartley concert

May 10th Geordie Neet

July 6th Newbiggin Maritime centre

July 20th Old Low Lights

August 6th Ellington Ladies club

September 14th and 15th Blyth Battery

September 21st Howard Street Baptist Church

November 8th Remembrance concert New Hartley

November 24th Christchurch

December 5th Beer and Carols in Hartley club

December 20th Carols on the Green in Seaton Delaval

December 23rd Holywell in Bloom Christmas Dinner

January 18th Hartley Memorial Concert

A Fire At Midnight - FINAL.mp3

Collier Lad - FINAL.mp3

16 tons (1).mp3

Blackleg Miner - FINAL.mp3

Guard Yer Man Weel - FINAL.mp3

Going to the Mine - FINAL.mp3

My Miner Lad - FINAL.mp3

byker hill.mp3

john ball.mp3

This recording was done in the open air on a rolling fishing boat in windy conditions

Thank you for sorting the entertainment for our Wedding at such short notice. It was really lovely. Sariah Lim

A recording made by BBC Radio Newcastle before the 15th. Hartley memorial concert


pit pkg.mp3

Hello Christine, Dave, Fraser and Keith

What a superb performance we had from Beeswing for everyone to enjoy on Saturday!

We loved your choice of songs and your delivery was as always impeccable - both professional and relaxed at the same time. I thought that you started impressively, built it up to a rousing climax and carried the audience along with you extremely well.  As the organiser, I was very impressed with the timing of the programme so that we started and finished at the advertised time - not as easy as it looks!
I hope you feel that you were warmly welcomed, well provided for and that your efforts were appreciated by everyone at Friends of Ridley Park. We are most grateful for your generous offer to perform and I hope you feel you have made some good friends in Blyth.

We sold 56 tickets and made £425 in ticket sales to which was added £10 for the cake, £101 from the raffle and a donation of £25, making £561 on the night. We had expenses of about £60 and so just reached our target of £500!

Some of our members were disappointed not to have been able to come on Saturday because of prior commitments and one of them Eileen Cartie (our County Councillor) has begged me to ask you to come again. We would all love for you to come again and would be delighted if you would consider playing in the park in the summer when we have our annual Friend's Picnic one Sunday afternoon outside the Friends Pavilion (inside if wet!). This is a free event to which we invite other Friends organisations from Prudhoe, Alnwick and Berwick but which is open to all park users on the day.

On behalf of everyone at FORP, thank you once again for your generosity and professionalism in providing a first class evening which will last long in the memory of all who were there.

Northshields Centre

Thu, 28 Nov, 15:20 (2 days ago)
to me

Dear Dave and group. 

This is just a short thank you, as I know there will be an official thank you to follow this, for Beeswing performing at the service at Christ Church last Sunday, to mark the 120 years of the Fishermen’s Mission in North Shields.

Your presence and your songs during the service were spot on and helped to create the mood of the service. 

Many people have asked me for the words to “Fire at Midnight” written by Keith. 

Our chief executive, David Dickens, was most impressed and moved by your songs. 

Can you please supply an address so we can write to you. 

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you again in 2020. 

A press release will be going out soon 


Fishermen’s Mission

CONTACT- or 07967198430